What is Iron Gate Coaching for Young Adults?

We believe that therapy is like packing your gear and supplies for the summit. Coaching is where you hit the trail! Therapy is just the first step to reclaiming your life. That’s why our coaching program is designed not only help you take massive action toward a more rewarding life, but to get you back on track if you get lost along the way.

Increase Your Capacity

Raise Confidence

Heal Your Life

Our coaches are here to help your young adult launch their life and stay on the trail without sacrificing their growth.

On your expedition to summit the peaks of adulthood, you need a great trail guide. Our mental and emotional health coaches serve that role beautifully! We help you take action and implement the tools discovered in therapy. We focus creating greater awareness and an actionable game plan moving forward.
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All of our coaches are certified professionals with years of experience.

Our coaches are hand-picked, well-trained, and dedicated. Their structured and balanced support is key in helping each young adult to keep going, no matter how stressful or overwhelming life can be. They are the “Trail Guides” your young adult needs to scale their mountains and reach their goals.

Our coaches are dedicated to giving your young adult the confidence and drive to:

1. Create healthy genuine connections through community, learning, caring, and finding productivity. 

2. Achieve the intrinsic feeling of accountability, a higher level than needing to be held accountable by others.

3. Sacrifice their entitlement and fears, focusing on their capacity to create balanced & fulfilling lives.

Create healthy genuine connections interpersonally and interactively.