Identity vs. Personality

How clarity about the difference between identity and personality creates real confidence in young adults.

The confusion around identity.

When you try to make a list of all the different identifiers that are used in the world today to set people apart you find that the list has become endless and includes everything from sexuality to a favorite sports teams. There is a reason that there are Facebook groups for everything.

We have been taught that identity is based on what you look like, what you do, or what and who you like.

In the pursuit of finding identity in these things we realize that something is missing. Sooner or later that thing that felt so important becomes less important or even burdensome and so, we find something or someone else.

This leaves us wondering and wandering through life looking. We cycle through interests and we scroll through existence. Wanting and many times hurting.

The great confusion is that we have mistaken our interests and hobbies, passions and pleasures as our identity when in fact they are our personality.

Clarity in Truth

Many would argue that the things we like and do have to be our identity. It actually scares people when they find out that they have put most of their energy into these things. It is how other people measure us and determines how they treat us and for these reasons we assume that these measurements define us and determine our worth.

The truth is that identity is eternal and is not decided by feelings.

There are six titles used by God when He refers to our identity. Each one began at our spiritual creation and