Why Choose Iron Gate Housing?

Structured therapeutic housing + outpatient services for young adults.

Our beautiful and welcoming therapeutic residential housing options are perfect for providing a safe and supportive environment for your young adult to effectively progress and find success.

Our strategically placed facilities accommodate work, school, and social needs throughout the duration of our program. 




On their way to adulthood growth and structure are key to success. That’s where Iron Gate delivers with our housing options.

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Onsite residential options provide everything necessary for success!

We’ve intentionally crafted an environment for young adults to learn and engage socially. Designed from the ground up to instill peace and healing, our housing along with our program are a winning combination for treatment.

Our onsite program offers great features such as:

1. Social skill training

2. Weekly scheduled activities

3. Monthy “Super Activity”

4. On-site therapy and coaching

5. Structure for success (exercise, reflection, etc.)

The Weekly Schedule


Iron Gate Therapeutic Housing for Young Men and Young Women Minimum Stay 6 Months For Ages 18/19 to 30/35

What does $4,000 include:

  • Single Sex furnished room in sober living house or townhouse
  • UAs
  • House rules that include healthy internet access
  • Live staff supervise check-ins 8am and 8pm
  • Group Therapy 1-3 x week, young adult themes
  • Sunday community dinners mandatory, 4-6pm
  • Sunday community events optional
  • Monthly co-ed recreational outdoor excursions at Iron Gate’s 800 private acres adjacent to Zion
  • Certified Coach supervision in one-to-one sessions, with multiple weekly coaching contacts, supporting your educational/vocational/community/social goals.
  • Licensed clinician and learning specialist reviews each case at enrollment, and continues case management with staff and student twice monthly for duration of stay.
  • First 90 days: 10 additional hours weekly of coaching and mentoring while student builds educational/vocational/community/social engagement.  If student needs more intensity after 90 days, additional support is evaluated and provided.
  • Year-round enrollment: most students length of stay is 2-4 semesters or longer

What Are Additional Costs:

  1. Food (each student can choose from our Food Option Management choices, from managing their own food budget from paycheck, or supervised grocery shopping at $500/monthly cost.)

  2. Frequency of individual therapy: utilizing their health insurance or using private pay, each student is connected with therapists at Iron Gate Outpatient Services and can choose the frequency of their mental health sessions.

  3. Psychiatry: same as individual therapy.

  4. Admission/enrollment fee:  $3000.