Living life in pain or suffering? Is there more you want to live up to through your life?

Sometimes the stress of living gets to us, affecting our performance in school, work, relationships, and life in general, leaving us lost, discouraged, and held back from what we feel we are capable of
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Find JOY and FREEDOM as you increase your capacity, raise your confidence, and heal your life
Iron Gate

Don't just take our word for it

Below are testimonials from some of our clients. Their names have been omitted but their feedback is insightful.

“Truthfully, I held my breath for the first few months our son was in Iron Gate. Was this going to be a stab at yet another program that would be very expensive and not even be helpful? But, as time rolls on, we are finally exhaling and really beginning to be able to find ourselves as we see so much growth, success, and even joy in our son.”
Parent Testimonial
“To other searching, exhausted parents, I would love to talk to you and tell you how great it feels to be on the other side of the weighty burden of raising a unique child, with unique needs, all alone. Iron Gate was a real answer for us.”
Parent Testimonial
“Iron Gate has increased my capacity by having people supporting me that have strong boundaries and let me learn from my mistakes instead of always fixing everything beforehand. Something that was unexpected is that I’m not a broken victim and that I’m capable of succeeding at life and doing hard things.”
Client Testimonial
“Iron Gate has helped me to see that I can be an adult and have confidence in the things I do in life. I have learned that I can handle the struggles that life gives me even when they feel like they are too much.”
Client Testimonial
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Listen in with us as we discuss tactics, strategies, and helpful tips on how to help your adult child. With helpful insights, interviews, and pointers to help your young adult child succeed.
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